Complaints Procedure

Family First Healthcare’s aim is to always give you the highest possible standard of care and service and we try to deal with all feedback as quickly as possible. We operate a complaint and feedback procedure as part of dealing with your experience and in full compliance with the Care Quality Commission Standards.

We welcome comments, suggestions or feedback about how we perform.

We always aim to investigate and deal with all complaints efficiently and speedily.

If we are unable to meet the response deadline of 20 working days, we will contact you to advise why and inform you of the extended date.

When we look into your complaints, we will aim to:

  • find out what happened and what went wrong
  • advise you what we will do to put the matter right
  • make sure you receive an apology where this is appropriate
  • identify what we can do to make sure the problem does not happen again.

Further action

In the event of a continued disagreement which cannot be resolved internally, you may be advised to approach an appropriate external authority, such as the Independent Healthcare Sector Complaints Adjudicator Service (ISCAS), the local Trading Standards officers, or independent mediation may be suggested.

Key contacts

Independent Healthcare Sector Complaints Adjudicator Service (ISCAS)

Local Trading Standards Officer: Chartered Trading Standards Institute:

For more information, or to give your feedback, contact any of us by email, by phone, or fill in the form on the right hand side and someone from our team will get in touch.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment please contact us